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qwant Search is the cool new way to search the net for people in the know.... It used to be the way that people like you and I knew how to find things online and we would show people where the cool places were. Now though even my Gran knows how to Google things.

This is why we decided to create qwant , the alternative place to search for people who know what they are doing online. You get the results we decide rather than all the biased results all the major engines throw up, plus its fun to qwant .

So if you have any suggestions and comments please hop on over to our contact page and let us know and you can be part of the qwant community. Help us make this the coolest place to search online and you too can say "Well I was one of the first to use qwant "

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization ( SEO ) is a process of improving positions in organic search results (not paid) of search engines. The higher the website, the more people see it and are likely to visit it.

The history of search engine optimization dates back to the 1990s, when they first appeared, even before the creation of the web. Today, it is an essential marketing strategy for any business and growing sector.

If you want to learn SEO, you have to be ready to be versatile: it is a job that is both creative, technical and analytical. There are many ways to do this, but the main goal remains the same: to be among the best results in organic research.

In short, SEO is to offer a website that meets the needs of the user and his search.

It's not just about having a fast and efficient website . It must also be filled with quality content and well optimized , adapted to the needs of your audience. And of course, your site must have a certain popularity , with respect to the other Web sites of the Web, like pledge of confidence and authority.

Is SEO for Qwant difficult?

Search engines such as Qwant, Google, Bing, Yahoo and others index websites to create an index based on various ranking algorithms. Can we identify these algorithms? Yes and no.

Qwant, for example, uses more than 200 ranking factors . Although we know many of them: quality content, backlinks or technical elements such as site speed, many of them are kept secret.

Of course, you do not need to know all the factors to rank yourself with your website on the keyword "Qwanturank".


Technical optimization
The technical basics that make a website fast and efficient: host, registar, HTML code, URL, HTTP status codes, sitemap.xml, lazy-loading, cache, etc.


Optimization of title tags and meta descriptions, titles, content structure, readability, internal mesh, structured data, etc.


Links and quotes, which tell Qwant that your website is a reliable source, as well as sharing via social networks which is always a good signal.


Search engines like Qwant are used by Internet users when they are looking for something. And you want to be that "something".

Whether you are selling a product, a service, writing a blog, or entering an SEO competition like Qwanturank , search engine optimization is a necessity.

Your website must be indexed by search engines , especially on Qwant, but also Bing and Google. Otherwise, you don't exist on the web, almost!

Simple optimizations can significantly improve your ranking in the Qwant search engine results pages (SERP). Better ranking means more traffic. If traffic is engaged, it will bring conversions.

In summary, if you want to succeed with your website, you must do SEO . Some aspects are more complicated, but very often, the success of SEO depends on common sense and some good practices.


⭐ The Qwant SEO guide in 2020 ⭐
The simplest changes can have a huge impact on how search engines perceive your website. In this SEO guide , we will cover all the essential topics and basics of SEO to reach the best places for the keyword "Qwanturank".

If you are wondering how to learn SEO in 2020 for Qwant , Google or Bing , do not move because you are in the right place!

Certainly, it will take you some learning time to understand the inner workings of search engines , but if you quickly put into practice the SEO advice provided on our website, you will necessarily improve the relevance of your site and its visibility !


On-site referencing
Doing "on-site" referencing means optimizing your website directly to improve your ranking in organic search results.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of what you can do on your website to rank on Qwanturank , from content optimization to technical aspects:

meta tags ;
URL structure;
image optimization;
structured data;
website size and speed;
code HTML ;
internal mesh;
... and many others !
"Off-site" referencing
Off-site SEO covers all the activities you can do to improve the popularity of your website by getting links from other websites. There are many ways to get them:

dissemination of press releases by email;
writing articles for guest blogs;
submission in the directories of your sector;
social networks ;
write valuable content so that people relay information to their sites.
If you don't have time to learn SEO for Qwanturank, you can seek the help of freelance or agency SEO consultants.

qwanturank.ovh offers you its SEO support services to target the 1st position on Qwant!


The Black Hat against the White Hat has its origins in western films, with the image of the bad guys against the good guys. But don't take these terms too seriously because opinions on the two SEO approaches tend to diverge, and the border is thin in reality.

SEO SEO Black Hat (black hat)

Black Hat SEO is a set of unethical practices aimed at improving the ranking of a website on the search engine results page. They are designed to affect search engines without impacting the user.

Black Hat SEO can get you to the top of the SERPs in no time , but search engines will most likely penalize and ban the website sooner or later.

You can find lists of contrary practices in the Google, Bing or Qwant webmaster guidelines.

SEO White Hat SEO
White Hat SEO is a set of ethical techniques that follow the guidelines and rules established by search engines. The basic elements of White Hat SEO are:

content quality and relevance
global website optimization
creation of natural links
Natural referencing is a long-term strategy aimed at offering the best result corresponding to the search for the user. It is then necessary to decrypt his research intention to offer him the best possible experience.

In general, being a white hat in the world of SEO is considered a guarantee of quality, especially for businesses.

SEO SEO Gray Hat (gray hat)

There is also a term called Gray Hat SEO , a practice where you risk less than Black Hat techniques. These techniques are not clearly defined by Qwant, which allows you to gain thousands of website users without being penalized or to lose all your rankings overnight.


Search engines consist of three main elements:

le Crawling ;
Indexing ;
the Ranking of results .
Le Crawling
The crawl means scanning the web , the sites that compose it, their sections, their content, their keywords, titles, hyperlinks, images by thousands of robots or scripts . All the data that can be found on the website is explored.

Crawlers detect all hyperlinks on a website that point to other websites. These links between websites form the Web or the Web, this is the basis of the Internet!

They then analyze these other pages for new links over and over again. Robots are constantly browsing the internet to update their data and provide relevant information .


Once the website is browsed, indexing begins. Imagine the index as a huge catalog or a library filled with websites from around the world. It usually takes a while for a website to be indexed, especially on Qwant.

In our experience, this varies from 1 to 10 days depending on the engine (Google being the fastest undeniably).

Pro tip: you can check which pages of your website have already been indexed using this search operator: site: domain.com

In addition, each time a website is modified, our crawler robots friends scan it again. Keep in mind that as long as the site updates are not indexed, they will not be visible in search engines and therefore will not be able to influence search results.

Ranking of results

Results are essential for both developers and users. When the user submits a request, the search engine searches the index and draws the corresponding results . It is a process of verifying the query against billions of websites based on various algorithms.

Companies that use search engines like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo keep their ranking algorithms secret. However, most of the ranking factors are well known to SEO professionals .


There are hundreds of SEO factors that influence search results, some being more important than others. It is not necessary to know them all to start SEO, but it is always good to train and continue to follow the news of the engines and their new updates.

The classification factors can be divided into two main families:

On-site SEO factors (those present on your web pages, including the technique),
Off-site SEO factors (those that are not present on your pages such as backlinks, for example).
10 essential SEO factors
Targeted content for its audience

A crawlable and indexable site

Quality and quantity links

Satisfy user intent

Detailed and unique texts

Recent and regularly updated content

High CTR click-through rate

A site that loads quickly

Un design responsive et multi-device

EAT: Expertise, Authority & Trust

Other important ranking factors include (in no particular order):

the use of relevant key words and phrases;
HTTPS certifact;
the relevance of the links;
grammar and spelling;
authority in current affairs;
social sharing;
the age of the estate;
the use of MPAs;
One of the most important factors is the profile of inbound links or backlinks , based on the number and quality of links pointing to a website. Each link that points to your website is like a recommendation or a quote that gives you credibility and value .

Tip: check the links of your site or that of a competitor with a backlink profiler.

Linkimin, an essential SEO tool for your netlinking


Launched in December 2019 by Qwant, Qwanturank is the first natural referencing competition to be organized by a search engine. Supported by Eric Liandri (ex CEO), it aims to improve the algorithms:

de crawling,
and anti-spam engine.
Participants like qwanturank.news have until June 3, 2020 to climb as high as possible in the ranking of search results on the keyword "Qwanturank" (a fictitious request) to try to win the 50,000 euros in rewards .

It is reminiscent of the Foldable Smartphone competition organized by Nextlevel.link last year on Google, which had suffered the lightning of quality raters from the firm of Montain View.

On Qwant, everything has been quieter for a few weeks, perhaps a little too much ... Wouldn't this be the beginning of a future storm that would overturn the ranking a month before the end? Case to follow.

The French search engine Qwant offers you neutral and anonymous access to the entire Web , to the latest hot news from the big media and to content from social networks.

A tool that respects your digital privacy
Qwant, unlike Google or Bing, does not rely on the collection of our personal data through cookies.

Choosing Qwant means using a search engine that respects its users and that does not keep track of your requests or collect your personal data.

No one can know what you are looking for on the Internet because your search results are not being tracked. No cookies, no behavioral profiling. You browse the web without filters and without targeted ads. Qwant truly respects your privacy!

Instant responses in addition to your search results
With Qwant Search , the exact answers to your questions are instantly displayed below the search bar. The weather forecast or the next film screening are all available at the top of the search results.

No more scrolling through the results to find the right information. Find everything at first glance.

On the home page of the Qwant search engine, you will also find information on events and personalities that are currently receiving special attention from the media and social networks .

Qwant services
Qwant JuniorQwant Junior
A web browser developed for children

With Qwant Junior , you provide your children with a safer, age-appropriate internet filled with fun things to learn and enjoy.

Qwant MapsQwant Maps
The French competitor of Google Maps

Qwant Maps is an open source cartographic application that respects your privacy.

Qwant MusicQwant Music
The first search engine dedicated to music

Be instantly informed of the latest news and releases from your favorite band using Qwant Music .

Qwant CausesQwant Causes
Support associations of general interest

Qwant Causes users can choose to support the associations of their choice through donations entitled “QOZ”.

Qwant LiteQwant Lite
A version for old browsers

Qwant Lite is a faster, lighter, simplified version of Qwant.com, designed for those who use older versions of their web browser.

Qwant MailQwant Mail
The French email client that encrypts your emails

Qwant Mail is a Qwant online messaging service that respects the privacy of its users by encrypting all emails.

Qwant is also many services well beyond the simple search engine, to provide the user with an ecosystem without tracings and always more respectful of his private life.

Discover all the news around Qwant and its Qwanturank SEO competition.

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Our customers are happy with our SEO guide to be 1st on Qwanturank and they tell it without tongue in cheek.

PARTNERS OF qwanturank.ovh

Here is the list of partners without whom, the qwanturank.ovh site would never have been possible. I can never thank their precious help enough which accompanied me during all these nights of development and SEO.and very dirty spam!

Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio Code
BHM Generator
BHM Generator
Take advantage of the leading European search engine directly on your mobile with the Qwant Mobile application on the Google Play Store and on the Apple App Store to see the ranking on Qwanturank .

Download Qwanturank from the Apple App StoreDownload Qwanturank from the Apple App StoreDownload Qwanturank from the Google Play StoreDownload Qwanturank from the Google Play Store
Requires iOS 11.4+ and Android 4.1+. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Qwant Mobile
The search engine that respects your privacy.



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But what is Qwant?
Qwant is a European search engine , unlike the vast majority of search engines on the market that are American. But what's interesting as a user is that Qwant protects your privacy rather than collecting your browsing data for commercial purposes.

This private search engine was born from the awareness of internet users of the danger of communicating their personal data to companies , especially at a time when the national and international regulations which govern GAFA , are still in development.

The birth of Qwant in 2011
Qwant was created in 2011 in Nice by 3 people: the investor Jean-Manuel Rozan, the business manager Patrick Constant and Éric Léandri with the promise of not personalizing searches , or using cookies. In other words, it will not use our personal data, will not collect our activity to profile us and sell us advertising, and will not profit from it.

How the private search engine works
Its appearance and operation are very similar to that of the Google search engine . By indicating in the search bar what you want to find, Qwant offers websites, news, maps with business listings, posts from social networks and images related to your search. Available via the web and with iOS and Android applications.

The Qwant search engine has a simple and refined interface.
The Qwant search engine has a simple and refined interface.
One of Qwant's strong points is that it displays the results associated with social networks , both in the default search and in the Social tab. The results can be filtered by country, language and / or freshness (Any period, Last 24 hours, Last week or Last month).

The services of the Qwant search engine
Qwant Junior
Qwant Junior is a search engine designed for children from 6 to 13 years old where they are protected from content that is not appropriate for their age and free advertising, especially highlighting educational content .

Qwant Maps
With Qwant Maps , you will have a very complete alternative to Google or Apple Maps and which is supplied with cartographic information from various sources such as Open Street Maps .

SEO otpimisation techniques for the qwant search engine

Qwant Music
As for Qwant Music , you can search for information about your favorite artists and groups , videos, images, comments on social networks and, in addition, it is a music search engine that displays results from iTunes , Last.fm, Discogs and Qobuz.

Qwant Boards
A space where you can organize your information in the style of Pinterest called Qwant Boards , a kind of social network where users can share with others, photos, websites or even publish their own texts.

Other services to facilitate your online research
There is a minimalist version that simply offers search results called Qwant Lite , and even a system to contribute to known charitable causes with Qwant Causes .

Why create a Qwant account?
Registration is optional, but it will allow you to customize services such as maps or dashboards, and configure your search engine anonymously for a period of time, including a content filter or the ability to open links and videos in separate tabs.

The Qwanturank competition organized by the French engine Qwant
"Qwanturank" is an expression coined for the natural SEO contest organized by Qwant and its teams in order to improve their algorithms to offer more precise and relevant search results.

The Qwanturank contest was announced on December 2, 2019 to internet users and other motivated SEO consultants who hastened to create their site to rank quickly.

Registration closed on and the first 5 best placed participants on June 3, 2020 will be awarded a total reward of 50,000 euros with:

20,000 euros for the 1st 🥇,
15,000 euros for the 2nd 🥈,
8,000 euros for the 3rd 🥉,
5,000 euros for the 4th,
and 2,000 euros for the 5th.
Download and install Qwant on your computer
Qwant is a search engine that does not follow user searches, while respecting their privacy. It has a simple and minimalist interface like any search engine, but unlike the main "antagonists", it does not store in memory the IP and the machine number of the user .

To use Qwant on a computer, no software is necessary: ​​you just have to define the search engine as the home page of your browser as Microsoft's Edge and Internet explorer and as the default search engine.

In the case of Firefox , Google Chrome and Safari , you can install an extension to have the search engine always at hand.

Download the Qwant app on your tablets and smartphones
Qwant is also available as an app for Android and iOS devices . It looks like a real browser and allows you to do research on the web while respecting your privacy. All this for free, of course.

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